NEC Galileo 845GL (N4-IBFGL) Drivers for (WinXP 32-Bit)


NEC Galileo 845GL (N4-IBFGL) Drivers for (WinXP 32-Bit)

Use “Halfdone: Unknown Devices” to detect your Hardware Information before downloading driver below.

Example: unknown-devices.jpg

1. Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility

2. Intel Application Accelerator Driver v2.3 (2164) or Mirror

3. Intel® 82845G Graphics Controller or Mirror

4a. AC97 Sigmatel STAC9750 Drivers (Audio)

4b. Realtek AC97 Audio Driver (from Realtek)

4c. Realtek AC97 Audio Driver (from Intel)

5a. Intel 82562 ET NIC Driver Integrated on Galileo Motherboard

5b. Realtek RTL8100C (LAN)

6. Intel USB 2.0

NEC PowerMate VL4 Desktop (Motherboard N4-IBFGL v1.2) DRIVER

– Go to:
– Choose “Desktop” – “Powermate VL” – “PowerMate VL4 Desktop” on “Select your NEC product”..

Source Specification:
Source Link:

INFO: NEC MY26V/R (N4-IBFGL v1.4) Motherboard =>

N4-IBFGL v1.4 (WinXP Pro.32-Bit) => DOWNLOAD

NEC PC Mate / Mate R supported driver for model:


Source Link:

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  1. tnks!!!!

  2. It’s great… 🙂

  3. Esta pagina es lo mejor que me ha pasado. Muchas Muchas gracias

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  8. i am unable to install ethernet controller for this motherboard N4IBFGL. Please help

    • @vivek

      Please look at here if you unable to install driver with setup (.exe). If you still unable to install driver, please look Hardware ID ethernet controller in device manager then search on google for information or post here..

      Goodluck.. 🙂

  9. @ALL

    You’re welcome.. 🙂

  10. I am getting the message when i ran unknown device exe file.

    Ethernet Controller:
    Unable to Detect, Hardware ID: VEN_8086&DEV_1039&SUBSYS_70061631&REV_82

    Please help

  11. that worked … thanks for the help… you r so nice .. I want to thank you a lot…
    One more problem …. the sound is very low on this board… all the swithches are in maximum position but the sound is not full.. may be some driver problem .. please suggest the right driver for this board..NEC – N4-IBFGL

  12. hii what is t price of this motherboard in bulk

  13. Thnx a lot man!!!!! 🙂

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  15. thx 4 your help ….. hehehhee

  16. It really helped me. Thanks ALOT…!!

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  18. thanks heaps my brother…..i had problems with audio driver for some reason…bt maybe im doin smthin wrong. anways thnks for the ethernet driver…spent almost 2 weeks lookin for that one.

  19. VeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVery VeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVery


  20. cảm ơn rất nhiều

  21. thanks for download from this site

  22. Congratulations.
    My config in Win XP 32bit is good:
    1. Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility
    2. Intel Application Accelerator Driver v2.3 (2164) or Mirror
    3. Intel® 82845G Graphics Controller or Mirror
    4a. AC97 Sigmatel STAC9750 Drivers (Audio)
    5a. Intel 82562 ET NIC Driver Integrated on Galileo Motherboard
    6. Intel USB 2.0

    Thanks you.

    Options 4a, 5a, 6 are decompres in folders in root c:\winnt\drivers\… Installations are only manual with in “Device Manager”

  23. Many thanks and a comprehensive list of drivers.

  24. my system model is PC-MY26VBZED…help please…

  25. i cannot install the enthernet controller..

  26. i cannot see the setup for the enthernet can i do that…

  27. i don’t know my motherboard driver….and my system model is PC-MY26VBZED please help…

  28. thnx “U” v3ry mUch…

  29. thnx for the enthernet driver..i have 1 problem and that is my sound driver…it need a ‘ALCXWDM.SYS’ FILE…can you help me sir…

  30. hello sir/madam,
    i need sound drivers for n4-ibfglv2.1(gv)

    Anuj Mishra

  31. Heres the best n4-lbfgl intel driver i have found so far.!?

    Intel Corporation 04.03.2010

    n4-lbfgl p4 2.66 2g ram+free sky wi fi =>

    oi oi oi.!?

    • even i cant find this driver now! but when i had it .it was working as a 128mb ob gf when it is 64mb only! and that was tith windows 7! this bit Intel Corporation 04.03.2010 i cut from the 1st tab in the driver propertis i think! dose someone know where i can find this driver again HELP ME PLEZZS.!?

  32. Thank you so much for your help in getting started with my NEC Powermate VL4; which I changed my hard disc and could not get my ethernet nor multimedia tostart with.
    Greatly appreciated,

  33. driver ok but no worke please chack,………….?

  34. nice ahhhh

  35. thank

  36. Can it support 2.80 Ghz processor??????????????

  37. sarifmk

  38. Thanks, i ijin to download, OK. Thanks before

  39. thank you so much! this drivers don’t stay anywhere now!

  40. Muchas gracias por estos valiosos aportes tecnologicos. Saludos

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