HP Compaq Presario C771US (C700 Series) Drivers (WinXP 32-Bit)

HP Compaq Presario C771US

Using HP Backup and Recovery Manager
Most of the drivers released now are for XP SP2.
If you don’t have it get the full SP2 from MS and install it before drivers.

WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe or MIRROR

original written by Cheryl G & Link changed by @gochinboy 🙂
Enter Bios setup by tapping F10 key at startup.
If you have the option in Bios setup to disable Native sata mode,
XP will install with no problem.

original written by Cheryl G

01. Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family (Install & Reboot before other drivers):

02. Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for WinXP (X3100)

03. Intel® Matrix Storage Manager v7.8.0.1012 C = DOWNLOAD

04. Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 (Required to install before HP Quicklaunch Button & MS UAA)

05. Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus Driver for High Definition (HD) Audio.
(Required with a Reboot before Conexant driver):

See DRIVER SOUND (PCI/ONBOARD) page for other version of MS UAA 🙂

Hardware ID or Device Instance ID on Device Manager

06a. Conexant High Definition SmartAudio (WinXP.32.64-bit)

This driver was taken from Microsoft sites.

Hardware ID:


Install driver manually from Device Manager.

Note: Try driver below (06b) if this driver fails.

06b. Conexant SmartAudio 221

Hardware ID:


– Unzip to a folder.
– From Device Manager,right click “Audio Device on HD”,choose Update driver,
– No to connect,
– Install from a list or specific location,
– Select Don’t Search, I will choose the driver to install,
– For the Hardware Type select ‘Show All Devices’
– Remove the check from “Show Compatible Hardware” and click on “Have Disk”.
– Next…browse to the unzipped folder and choose the “WiSVHe5.inf”.
– Ignore XP when it complains.
– Reboot.

07. Realtek 8139 LAN = DOWNLOAD

08. ALPS Touchpad Pointing Device Driver v5.4.1501.9 A = FTP or MIRROR

09. Conexant HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartCP Driver v7.67.00.00 A

10. Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver v6.20 REV: A = DOWNLOAD

11. Atheros Wireless LAN Driver

Atheros Amber Light Fix

– Go to start menu & click “Run” (Keyboard Shortcut = Windows Logo+R)
– Type regedit & press enter.
– Open the “Folder” called HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
– Inside that you’ll find “SYSTEM”, open that.
– Then open CurrentControlSet.
– Then open “Control”
– Then open “Class”
– Inside there you will see a bunch of “folders” with names like {4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002bE10318}
– You need to go down through them looking at what appears on the right under the key “default”
when you open each one, until you find “Network Adapters”
– Open that folder, then go down the list fo numbered “folders”
until you find the one that has the name of your Atheros driver under “DriverDesc”
This is where you need to add those keys.
– Follow the directions until you find your Wireless Network Adapter listed next to DriverDesc.
In that same directory, i.e., 0003, add these Dword values:

Value Name=gpioFunc0ActHi and Value Data=0
Click Ok.
Value Name=gpioPinFunc0 and Value Data=3

You are done.
These values should be seen in the same windows as “DriverDesc”
and the name of your Wireless Network Adapter.
For this to work with the LED you must disable your wireless
through your network settings and then re-enable.

original written by Cheryl G

11. Intel PRO/Wireless Drivers v7.10 C = DOWNLOAD

12. HP Update & Software Update – Critical Security Update v1.00 C = DOWNLOAD

13. HP Quick Launch Buttons v6.40 B = DOWNLOAD

14. HP Quick Launch Buttons Critical Security Update v1.00 A = DOWNLOAD

15. LightScribe Host Software v1.10.19.1 A = DOWNLOAD

16. HP QuickPlay Update v1.20 C XP Pro/Home = DOWNLOAD

NB: Tribute for Cheryl G 🙂


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  1. Thanks So much for the Awesome direction and driver links 😀

  2. Thanks
    Regarding to the amber light fix. It wasn’t working for me, so I double checked it and I realized that since I was copying(*double click on the word) and pasting the name of the new Dword names and values, I had an extra space at the end; instead of “gpioPinFunc0” I had “gpioPinFunc0 “.

    *double click selects the space after the word.

  3. @Alex

    Thank you for your information.. 🙂

  4. Hey men, here i am fixing these laptop for a friend that hates Vista shit, and you have all the drivers in one place Excelent Congrats.

  5. thanks for your drivers links

  6. I need drivers for my Compaq C771 TU notebook for the Ethernet card. Could you help.Thanks
    J Kakar

    I am using Win XP-SP2 on the C771 TU
    @J Kakar

    To make it simple, please look the Hardware ID or Device Instance ID at Device Manager.
    You can see like this:
    — or —
    Just look at the picture if you don’t understand the language.

    Goodluck.. 🙂

  7. thanks a lot cheryl!! it really help me..^^

  8. من كارت صداي لب تابم رو پيدا نمي كنم لب تابم مدل اچپي هست
    از شما ميخام كارت صداي ويندوزه ايكسپي رو به من نشان بدين (hp c771us)

  9. This is fantastic! the LED thing has been bugging me for over a year. i managed to find sound drivers that add a microphone boost option and now i can record great, but the built-in mic no longer works. if i can rectify this then everything will be functioning as it should!… anyone?

  10. منم کارت صدای لب تابم رو پیدا نمی کنم لطفن راهنماییم کنیدمدل لب تابم اچ پی c771usهست

  11. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

  12. after installation of sound drivers on my C771US laptop i am not able to record or talk through the mic. there is a jarring sound heard once i record or talk something. Can you please help me out on this on. and as God fodder mentioned teh in built mic no longer works.

  13. thanks a lots i have been looking for this drive, i have spend more then 6 hrs on net looking. thank buddy keep it up

  14. Thanks a lot for the help cherry…
    By the way I’ve got confused on how to the keys on the atheros at regedit for there’s no drivers desc for atheros… How would it be?

  15. i want audio and wifi drivers of window xp for my laptop presario c700

  16. thanx a lot

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