JETWAY P4XFB/P4XFBU Motherboard Drivers (WinXP 32-bit)

Use “Halfdone: Unknown Devices” to detect your Hardware Information before downloading driver below.
Example: unknown-devices.jpg


Users Manual (PDF)

Chipset (VIA P4X266A North Bridge Chipset)

Audio (VIA VT8233A South Bridge Chipset)

== or ==

Realtek AC’97 Audio Driver A4.06


USB 2.0 VIA VT6202 (tidak memerlukan driver di XP SP2)

~ by gochinboy on Sunday, 23 November 2008.

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  1. Thank you, I was reloading this old computer for a friend and needed these drivers. I’m glad people like you help keep the internet the information super highway.

  2. thx my freind.

  3. Thank you, I am presently trying to get my-head-around the workings of my system unit and this web site, which illustrates my motherboard in technicolour, has definitely fallen into my lap.



  4. thank u friend

  5. Thanks !!!

  6. Thx Bro.. thats save my ass 🙂

  7. yeah man, thanks a lot! ***** 4 u

  8. Hai fatto un buon lavoro … WordPress è un sistema interessante per fare queste pagine utili, bravo…
    Vincenzo M.

  9. Ini website memang sip banget, aku banyak terbantu dalam menginstal komputer

  10. thanks amigo!!!

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