Toshiba Dynabook Satellite J11

Toshiba Dynabook Satellite J11 Specification

Toshiba Dynabook Satellite J11 User’s Guide/User’s Manual

=================== DRIVER ===================

01. Intel® 852GM Chipset = DOWNLOAD

02. Intel® 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller = DOWNLOAD

* Hardware ID – VEN_8086&DEV_3582&SUBSYS_00031179&REV_01

03. SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio = DOWNLOAD = Part-1, Part-2, & Part-3

* Hardware ID – VEN_8086&DEV_24C5&SUBSYS_02411179&REV_03

Note: Download all 3 parts & double click each part, start from “sound1.exe”, “sound2.exe”, & “sound3.exe” to extract driver files, then run “setup.exe” on “sound” folder to install driver..

04. Toshiba Modem Driver = DOWNLOAD

05. Intel(R)PRO 10/100 = DOWNLOAD

* Hardware ID – VEN_8086&DEV_103D&SUBSYS_00011179&REV_83

06. SMC IrCC InfraRed = DOWNLOAD

* Hardware ID – SMCF030

07. Toshiba Hotkey Utility for Display Devices = DOWNLOAD

08. TOSHIBA 3-Mode Floppy Controller (Notebook Type D) = DOWNLOAD

09. Keypad Reader Driver (J31TP001, J31TP002) = DOWNLOAD

10. ALPS Pointing-Device Driver = DOWNLOAD

11. PadTouch Driver = DOWNLOAD

12. Toshiba TouchPad On / Off Utility = DOWNLOAD

13. Toshiba Power Saving Utility = DOWNLOAD

14. Toshiba Utility = DOWNLOAD

15. Atheros Wireless LAN Driver v4.1.2.108 = DOWNLOAD

Atheros Wireless LAN Driver Update Procedure (PDF)

Atheros Client Utility Update Procedure (PDF)

Atheros Wireless LAN Adapter Firmware Update (PDF)

16. Atheros Wireless LAN Driver v2.4.2.14 (PDF)

Atheros AR5001X+ Wireless Network Adapter IEEE802.11a/g, b/g Wireless LAN
Atheros AR5001X Mini PCI Wireless Network Adapter IEEE802.11a/b Wireless LAN = DOWNLOAD

17. Atheros Client Utility v2.4.2.18 = DOWNLOAD

18. TOSHIBA Common Modules = DOWNLOAD

* Hardware ID – TOS6200
* Hardware ID – TOS6202

19. Bluetooth Stack Toshiba v6.10.10(T) (Win2K.XP.Vista.32-Bit) = DOWNLOAD

====== All Driver in One Package [MF] ======



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  1. Hello I was hoping I could get some help with my Toshiba J11. I’m installing new RAM and I seem to only be able to install 1-GIG, if I add any more I get the alarm beep on startup. I think it has something to do with the old BIOS, my version is from 2003. Is there any updates available for this. I hope you can lead me in the right direction.

  2. Thanks you for the reply from the sounds of it I guess I can stop researching this problem and get back to work. No more excuses. Thanks so much…

  3. je cherche un driver wifi pour mon toshiba dynabook j11
    je cherche si possible à telecharger un driver WIFI pour mon ordinateur toshiba dynabook j11

    • @bebekelegne

      Désolé .. J’ai oublié d’ajouter Wireless LAN Driver pour Toshiba Dynabook Satellite J11 sur la liste .. 😀

      S’il vous plaît regarder à nouveau sur la liste des pilotes ..

      Goodluck .. ^_^

  4. thank you

  5. thank your for helping

  6. merci pour tout ce que vous nous avez donné est ce qu’il n yaura pas d’autre driver qui sera utile pour nous au fait je n’ai pas celui de la web cam

  7. tanks for driver
    i’m ashkan
    live in iran / abadan

  8. pls gve me a driver for ethernet this unit bcoz icant ethtrnet bcos no drivers

  9. very very very thanks for yr driver

  10. dear last week i formate my toshiba dynabook satellite j11 bus touch pad not working i get from same site please help me

  11. thank you for helping as

  12. thank you for your kind help?

  13. i need touch pad toshiba dynabook satellite j11 1997-2003 please advise me ameen

    • @ameen & @Alameen

      Have you tried looking in Device Manager?
      Is there Yellow mark question inside?

      Have you tried looking in BIOS Setup (ESC & F1) too?
      Try to setting this in BIOS:

      – “Internal Pointing Devices” = Enabled or Disabled
      – “Device Config” = All Devices
      – “Ext Keyboard “Fn” = Enabled

      I recommend to use for minimum Windows XP Pro/Home SP2 then update to SP3..

      Then try to install ALPS Pointing-Device Driver & PadTouch driver again..and install Toshiba TouchPad On / Off Utility..

      GoodLuck.. ^_^

  14. je suis désolé je n’ai pas comprendre le message car je ne m’en sort en anglais excuser moi pourrez vous le traduire si c’est possible s’il vous plait

  15. thank you so much dear

  16. no way sir i try it there is Japanese language please advise me about touch pad please please am waiting for your reply Ameen

    • @Alameen

      If there is no Yellow mark question or conflict driver in device manager, that’s mean your driver is fine..Of cource it’s Japanese language.. 😀

      I can’t figure out what’s the problem with your touchpad notebook, because i did’nt had problem with touchpad..

      Try this method if you want PadTouch to be English Version:

      – Uninstall previous PadTouch on Control Panel – AddRemove Programs then restart your notebook..

      – Extract file “padtouch.exe” using Winrar..

      – Go to folder “Language” (padtouch – Language) & open file “LangString.ini” on notepad.

      – Edit “Default = Japanese” become “Default = English” without quote then save it (CTRL+S) & close it..

      – Finnaly run “Setup.exe” on “padtouch” folder…

      Below is turorial how to install japanese keyboard from Laptop Shop Surabaya, if you still using standard keyboard & English (US) Keyboard.. 🙂


      3 Phase Installation Keyboard Japan:

      I. Install Japanese PS / 2 Keyboard (106/109 Key)
      II. Install Regional and Language
      III. Install Japanese Keyboard Layout


      I. Install Japanese PS / 2 Keyboard (106/109 Key)
      Start -> Control Panel -> Keyboard -> Hardware -> Properties -> Driver -> Update Driver -> Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) -> Do not Search. I will choose the driver to install -> Uncheck ‘check mark’ in the ‘Show compatible hardware’ -> select Japanese PS / 2 Keyboard (106/109 Key) in the model ->’Confirm Device Install’ click yes -> Finish -> Restart

      II. Install Regional and Language
      Start -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages -> on the ‘Supplemental language support’ select ‘Install files for East Asian Languages’ -> enter the Windows XP CD -> click OK -> Restart

      III. Install Japanese Keyboard Layout
      Start -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages -> on ‘Text services and input languages’ click’ Details’ -> in the ‘Installed services’ click’ Add ‘-> on the ‘Keyboard layout / IME:’ select ‘Japanese’ -> Click OK -> in the ‘Default input language’select ‘English (United States) – Japanese’ -> click OK -> click OK


      Written by:
      Laptop Shop (Notebook Specialist) Surabaya

      Goodluck.. ^_^

  17. tank you for driver toahibanya coooooooy

  18. Thank you for the drivers…

  19. dear please update touch pad which one u update it’s not performed please advise me

  20. hello, i just bought a toshiba satellite A300 series here in japan and i wish to have it change to english version…i can not understand and read because it is all in japanese characters.Help!I am so depressed already..

  21. if j11 note book has wireless lan or wifi hardware as inbuilt, please tell me how to configure it

  22. j’ai un problème il ya certaine touche de mon clavier qui ne fonctione plus (x;c;v;m;lock;ctrl;del;et le ,) et je ne sais comment faire

  23. thank you,……!!!!!!

  24. sir please help me find a driver for my toshiba dynabook satellite j70…

  25. thanks mate!!!


  27. can a toshiba j11 laptop can upgrade its am up to 1 gig??

  28. Hello, first i want to thank you for the time spend i this place its great have all the drivers here!!
    I hope you can give me some light here:
    i have this J11 and i wanted to change the HD as it was failing its old the origianl 30 gb for a 60 gb from another computer i have here and just froze on the bios screen. after that i try without drive at all and says ide error and now i try to install again the old one and its the same error there!!
    so i am without a clue what happen! the cd works i can boot fro it but seems that dont recognize any hdd i try 3 different ones, i wish i can maybe flash the bios in some way as i dont know where and how to get the original bios, maybe dumping but i read if its a dump with settings maybe i can brick totally my lap, i was thinking maybe i press too much and the ide conector get broken or something but no idea, please if you know anything i appreciate very much!!

    Thank you

    Joel in japan

  29. I would like to know if my toshiba satellite J11 model has a build in wireless lan card and what is the driver of it.

  30. Hi, I am indeed very greatful for having the drivers on this your site. You are an angel.

  31. internete bağlana bilmek için hangi drevers yüklemem lazım hepsini yükledim ses le ekran kartı tamam ama ethernetde sorun var yardımcı olurmusunuz


  33. hello please help me find the video drivers compatible with windows 7 on my notebook. i just installed windows 7 but i cant get the video drivers. thank you

  34. i don have a credit card how can i downlood sound

  35. how can gey freedownlod sond system?

  36. dear sir,

    how to use my wireless network in this kind of my laptop.

    please advise how to fix…..

  37. hello,

    please help me to find LAN driver for j11. I reformatted my laptop. I downloaded all the driver above, but the only problem is my LAN. thanks

  38. halo
    saya alik dari indonesia, tolong bantu saya untuk mendownload lan driver untuk dynabook satellitj11 windows 98

  39. Dear Sir,

    I want to get from you a sound driver for my computer TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite J11

  40. hello can i update to windows7? does it supported by toshiba satellite j11?

  41. pls gve me a driver for ethernet this unit bcoz icant ethtrnet bcos no drivers

  42. Great post, thanks!
    Отличный постб спасибо!

    Сумерки 3

  43. terima kasih banyak untuk driver nya boss..

  44. sir my dynabook satellite j11 needs sound card driver.. can u help me how an where can i find one?.. is it downloadable.. can u send me the website for it.. more thing can i update it to windows 7.. xp is the present os…


  46. sir my dynabook satellite j11 cnt connect to the enternet after reinstalling tha windows….. ho to set up sir? i only have os cd for formating ang installing,,… please help me sir

  47. games for toshiba 1870

  48. caan you plz tell me how can i install sound drivers of toshiba dyna book satellite j11.

  49. i need ac97 audio drivers for j11

  50. hi everyone please tell me how to setup the cdrom as 1st read. i cant reformat my toshiba satellite J11.. please send me the instruction at


  51. Thanks a lot for all the drivers.

  52. thank so much!! God bless & more power to you….

  53. which of the following can i do for my J11:
    1. Upgrade RAM
    2. Upgrade VGA
    3. Change CD-ROM to DVD-ROM
    4. Use Wifi
    5. Change HDD

    Please tell me how and give the steps……………..

  54. one more, what is it on the left next to floppy? what for? hehe

  55. you are excellence in my need for the drivers

  56. thx for the driver ..easy to download…

  57. keyboard not working

  58. hello! can you please help me find the drivers of my laptop also? Its model is Toshiba Dynabook Satellite J32 (winxp 32-bit). Please….,

  59. Hi,can you please find also the drivers of my laptop? Please…., The model is Toshiba Dynabook Satellite J32. thanks in advance!!!

  60. hi.can you place help me fin the drivers ethernet??

  61. Terimkasih, ya Bro membantu banget….

  62. thanks, this help me a lot

  63. thank for all of this informtion this will help me

  64. Thanks a lot…..Its helpful……Avijit, Jessore, Bangladesh

  65. ahm i have also this kind of laptop but it was reformat accidentally please help me what to do… al data was erased and i install the windows xp set up but i don’t have the internet that’t why also i cant update my windows please help me with this problem thank you…..

  66. I need a inverter for LCD panel for TOSHIBA DYNABOOK SATELLITE J11 .

    Please help me to get it. Used one also OK.

    Thank you.

  67. thanks for this big help

  68. hello,dear my friend My computer toshiba j11 is not working sound.How to repair is I donot know.I cannot play computer very well.So, please help me. God bless You.

  69. anu thanks alot

  70. tolong para senior bios dynabook ss 1610 nggak bisa di ganti ,,yang bisa cuma jam, tanggal dan paswort ,,saat com nyala tekan esc–>f1–>masuk bios tapi yang bisa di setting hanya jam nya ada yang bisa bantu solusinya nggak yaaaaa,,

  71. hello i am rinoj maharjan. i want to change my HDD in the pc how can i can u say me . send me email

  72. hi! i want a suggestions on where do i get an update for my dynabook j11 bios setup?…it seems to be hard to find one on the net. hope someone could help me out with this, thanx and god bless!

  73. think you soo much

  74. All knowledge from your online my gave very very thanks……..

  75. how can i enable wireless connection? in manage i can’t see Atheros Mini PCI Wireless Network Adapter

    please help me to configure

  76. hi; ty 4 drivers; wanted to tell u that
    ====== All Driver in One Package [MF] ======
    mediafire 7z file is corupted; i downloaded it twice, same errors

  77. cra instal notbook tosiba dynabook bios ny susah tlong ksh tau….

  78. EX/522CDE3 のサウンドドライバー今もらえないですか?

  79. Assalamu alaikum

    saya Arsan dari Indonesia bisa bantu saya gimana cara masuk ke bios toshiba satellite j11

  80. […] TOSHIBA DYNABOOK SATELLITE J11 DRIVERS (WINXP 32-BIT … – May 04, 2009 · Toshiba Dynabook Satellite J11 Specification. Toshiba Dynabook Satellite J11 User’s Guide/User’s Manual ===== DRIVER ===== 01…. […]

  81. hello there, i have trouble here with bios in my toshiba dynabook 1610, how to change the boot priority?.. because i can’t move to that page using arrow key or FN+arrow key not tab key too. what should i do to change boot priority???

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