POLARIS-30 Drivers (WinXP.32-Bit)

POLARIS-30 Motherboard = SAMSUNG Desk-Top System DM-V40/DB-Z40/MZ25/MZ27/CZ25/CT25/DA25/CT25-LIN/


Use “Halfdone: Unknown Devices” to detect your Hardware Information before downloading driver below.
Example: unknown-devices.jpg

WARNING: Use at your own Risk.. !!!

_______________ USER’S MANUAL (KOREAN -PDF) _________________

SAMSUNG Desk-Top System CT25

SAMSUNG Desk-Top System CZ25

SAMSUNG Desk-Top System DA25

SAMSUNG Desk-Top System DB-Z40

SAMSUNG Desk-Top System DM-V40

SAMSUNG Desk-Top System MA30

SAMSUNG Desk-Top System MP25

SAMSUNG Desk-Top System MV30

SAMSUNG Desk-Top System MZ25

SAMSUNG Desk-Top System MZ27

___________________________ DRIVERS _________________________

1a. Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility v6.3.0.1007

1b. Intel® Chipset Device Software v9.2.0.1030 (WinALL) (04/21/2011)

Note for 1b: If problems occurs when installing this driver, use “1a. Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility v6.3.0.1007” above.

2. Intel® 82865G Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) v14.17

3. Intel® Matrix Storage Manager (ICH5R)

4. SigmaTel STAC9752/53 @ Intel 82801EB ICH5 – AC’97 Audio Controller

Note: Install driver manually from Device Manager then point to: “C:\Program Files\SoundDriver” if you cannot install from *.exe file

Read here for more explanation

Hardware ID inside Driver Files (20040219115646359_SoundDriver.exe)
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24D5&SUBSYS_00311025 ;Bassoon/Aspire A3
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24D5&SUBSYS_122010CF ; same as ich4 10051734
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24D5&SUBSYS_B021144D ;Hawk2
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24D5&SUBSYS_B025144D ;Zenon
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24D5&SUBSYS_B01E144D ;Stealth2
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24D5&SUBSYS_101D1734 ; same as ich4 10051734
( Example of Hardware ID or Device Instance ID on Device Manager)

5a. INTEL 82562EZ Lan Driver (Old Driver from Samsung)

5b. Intel® Network Adapter Drivers v15.8.1 (WinXP x86) (12/17/2010)

6. USB 2.0 Driver


Source & Link: downloadcenter.intel.com, www.samsung.com

~ by gochinboy on Saturday, 8 May 2010.

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  1. terima kasih banyak……telah membantu kesulitan kami.
    kosim wonosobo central java indonesia

  2. nice work bro…
    thank you so much…

  3. thanks brother,….

  4. my samsung polaris-32 have a problem in audio.. there is no compatible driver.. where can i get a compatible driver or installer on my samsung polaris-32

  5. terima kasih kakak…atas file2 buat samsung mv 30 nya.

  6. thank u very much. its very helpful

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  8. thanks man! been looking for polaris 30 audio drivers. saved me a lot of time. thanks for the upload!

  9. wuauauauauuaa,,,
    thank brother for your post,,
    i tried to find my samsung driver polaris-30,,
    i get it on your site,,,
    nice work,,,

  10. hello admin can post the motherboard driver of polaris 33

  11. parameters is not correct or OS is not …. bla bla bla .. that is my problem when i install my sound driver .. what shall i do? pls help.. thanks in advance.. just email me @ kingbryanviray@y.c thank you…

    • @Bry

      Sorry for late reply.. ^^

      If you cannot install sound driver from “20040219115646359_SoundDriver.exe” file (the problem exactly just what you said).. just go to “device manager” look at “others device – multimedia controllers”..
      then right click on “multimedia controllers” choose update driver..
      Install driver manually from (browse folder): “C:\Program Files\SoundDriver”..
      or you can extract whole content inside “20040219115646359_SoundDriver.exe” file with WinRAR or 7zip..
      then point to “WDM” (20040219115646359_SoundDriver\WinXP_Win2000\wdm) folders..


  12. i need user guide for POLARIS-30 Motherboard, in inglish..can u g me link for download. thanks

  13. Thanks bro…

  14. thank brother i tried to find my samsung driver polaris-30,,
    i get it on your site nice work


  15. sir, we also need polaris 33 lan, audio, video, drivers and all other drivers for this kind of board, TIA

  16. sir gudmorning! this drivers works great on win xp, but i upgraded on win 7, can u help me on my drivers that is compatible on win 7? thanks in advance!

  17. Sir i used the your bios update for my polaris 30 mp1 1. its not working now. i need a polaris 30 rev mp1 1 bios. pls help

    • @hanniel

      You should read carefully my note above before using it..

      1. “POLARIS-30 Motherboard = SAMSUNG Desk-Top System DM-V40/DB-Z40/MZ25/MZ27/CZ25/CT25/DA25/CT25-LIN/

      – Did I mention “MP11”..? 😮

      2. “WARNING: Use at your own Risk.. !!!”

      – This is your risk, you should know that & do not complain to me..

      This is my advice:

      – if you had BIOS backup, then you should calm.. just go to service shop, they will know what to do..
      – if you didn’t have BIOS backup.. just go to service shop, they will tell what you have to do..

      NOTE: From now on i will not post about BIOS mobo..
      this will preventing other people to do the same thing just like what you did..

      Good Luck.. ^_^

  18. Sir what is A Service shop. Is it a Computer Technician shop?
    i don’t have any bios backup. Sorry Gohinboy its my mistake. I search the Google.com.ph for Samsung desktop Systems or Samsung mobo support. I cant find any websites of samsung desktops. i think because its from samsung korea.
    My cpu is a second hand from a guy here in the Philippines.
    i think they don’t have any supports. Its okay if i cant use it anymore. 🙂

    • @hanniel

      Yes it’s Computer Technician shop.. that’s what I mean.. Sorry..
      If you had BIOS backup file, your mobo still can be saved.. If you don’t have it, you have to search the same BIOS type or the same mobo type.. as far as i know, in Computer Technician shop they have some sort of tool to update the BIOS chip via USB, if I’m not mistaken.
      Yes it is from Samsung Korea.. You can find their website in here.
      Well.. I hope you can learn from your experience & not repeat the same thing. 🙂

  19. 🙂 Thank you Gochinboy your the best

  20. Sir i think i have to buy the same motherboard. if there’s available, There’s a Second hand computer store here named TV MONITOR. they have samsung computers. Exported from korea
    like Mp11 motherboard.
    i wish i can buy one
    i think they don’t have any
    samsung cpu’s now.
    because its pretty old

    the best thing to do is Build a new cpu
    i saw a brand new cheap computer parts here http://www.pcx.com.ph
    its the best.. i like your screen name Gochinboy
    you can call me MP11 hahaha 🙂
    if you have a facebook please add me. you can search me
    Hanniel Ricaplaza

    • @hanniel

      You’re welcome hanniel.. 🙂

      Well.. it’s up to you.. if you buy the same mobo, your old mobo still can be saved..
      yes it’s pretty old mobo.. yup.. that’s the best thing to do if you can’t find the same mobo..
      haha.. thank you MP11.. 🙂
      Sorry.. right now i don’t have facebook account, maybe someday i will have it…
      OK.. I promise i will not forget to add you.. ^^

  21. the Sigma AC’97 Audio Controller didn’t work for me… I use vinyl combo driver.. tested working on win7,XP,vista…

    Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility v6.3.0.1007 also works fine when installed in vista…

    nice job man!… I just hope you can find a English version of the manual 🙂

  22. thanks for this post.this is a hard to find info. i wanted to know what is the specs of ram to be used it this mobo.mine is samsung mz25 and i wanted to upgrade the ram. i used to have 256mb of ram pc2700 and i cant see any related topics except for this one.your response is highly appreciated.

  23. thanks gochinboy ,all of yours driver is good, my mobo is polaris 30 and i never have a problem with it,bios okey,sound okey, lan okey but i think you need update,chipset 1007 okey,its the lates,good luck!

  24. gochinboy some poster have a problem installed sounddriver maybe they dont remove the first sound driver.for the first time i intalled the sound driver i have problem too,but after i remove all sounddriver from add & remove and intall again ,i have no problem,and we can use from sigmatel or VIA AC’97 vinyl codec combo(POST MAXIMUS04)and the VIA AC’97 is better because its use equalizer.okey gochinboy for the nexttime i will tell you about special features from mobo POLARIS 30 ,its not bad mobo,and now this mobo seconds is a lot in seconds market indonesia so you visitor 50% from indonesia (the goverment Korea upgrade PC)

    • @kelik palapa

      Actually.. i don’t have problems with the sound driver, except that i can’t use *.exe file to install the audio driver & i have to install the audio driver manually from device manager, that’s all.. Maybe they had a problem just like what you told.

      About the sound drivers, i just match the Audio Hardware ID in Device Manager with the audio drivers. My Audio Hardware ID in Device Manager comes up with: “PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24D5&SUBSYS_B021144D” then I use the sound drivers above, because it matches the hardware specs are based on hardware detection software (i’m using Everest & detected as: SigmaTel @ Intel 82801EB STAC9752/53 ICH5 – AC’97 Audio Controller [A-2/A-3]) & User’s Manual (written as: STAC9752 Codec).

      About VIA AC’97.. I don’t use it on XP, but it depends on the people who want to use it, whether it is good for you or not.. that decision is up to you to choose.. ^^

      OK.. please be informed.. Thanks for your time & the info.. ^^

  25. hello to all!!!i just wanna ask is this type of motherboard support SATA hdd?

  26. guys can u help me installing this motherboard i can’t find the speaker header, i have a 4-pin connector.thanks

  27. Hi, How are you? i have no idea but my samsung mp11 is working now..
    i remove the processor and power it on
    and then turn off unplug and install the processor and memory.
    its booting now.
    i have a new cpu

    • @Hanniel

      Hi bro.. i’m fine.. thank you.. 🙂 that’s great news for you.. hmm.. i think i had that kind of problem in the past and do the same thing as you, but I forget what causes it.. anyway.. omedetou.. ^_^

  28. Thank you very very very much. We are Appriciate your Service.

  29. @ gochinboy
    thank you!!! i just install a western digital caviar blue 320gb
    hdd and its working great!!!!

  30. knpa ya kok gak mau suppord

    tlg minta bantuan nya??

  31. @ gochinboy
    hi again!!!i just wanna ask about the ram that i can install in this motherboard i have right now is 256 MBytes Samsung PC3200 (200 MHz) 2x..iwanna add a 512 ddr-400 is it compatible?thanks!!!

  32. and do you have an english version of this manual?mine is magic station MA30..

    • @jun

      You can add 512 MB PC3200 DDR SDRAM (3.0-3-3-8 @ 200 MHz) (2.5-3-3-7 @ 166 MHz) (2.0-2-2-6 @ 133 MHz) for example..
      Just try it, if it’s doesn’t work, switch/swap the memory to different slots and don’t forget if you experience your mobo cannot boot & it makes long beep, that’s mean one of the memory is not compatible with your mobo (get another brand memory to try it)..

      Try to Clear CMOS if still doesn’t boot, you can read the example in here & this is the jumpers located..

      Nope, sorry i don’t have it.. 🙂

      Good Luck…

  33. @ gochinboy
    so that just mean that my 512 ddr-400 cannot be install in my mobo?by the way this is my ram status said by speccy 512MB Dual-Channel DDR @ 199MHz (3-3-3-8)

  34. @ gochinboy
    another wild question here on last week i added that 512 ddr-400 on my system that has 256 MBytes Samsung PC3200 (200 MHz) 2x so now it become 1gb of my ram then after a week of smooth running my pc suddenly restart its own after a minute..the question is is it my newly install ram that keep my pc on restarting or is it a bad os problem..thanks!!

    • @jun

      Maybe yes or no..

      To test the memory is good or not, you can use software like Prime95 or Memtest86..
      search on google for more explanation & how to use it…

      About restarting problem, you can read the explanation here..

  35. Thanks for drivernya…akhirnya saya temukan juga ni driver.

  36. @ gochinboy
    hi again i have a new question again to you can i use a pentium d in this mobo?

  37. @ gochinboy
    thanks!!!!you help me a lot!!!till next questtion!!!

  38. hai….ghocinboy. my name is yusuf from surabaya.

    can u help me with my old comp,
    model : harappa 3 ,
    pcb no : BA41-10006A ,
    REV : MP 1.0.
    can i use drivers above?
    im newbie. …. thanks bro!!!

  39. thanks brother,.,.it helps me a lot! Thanks for the upload!!!

  40. @ gochinboy

    hi agaiN!!!!i have a new question can i install this Agp Card 6800xt 256mb 128bit ddr2 in this mobo?thanks!!!

  41. thank’s bro…..

  42. Hello bro
    Its me MP11
    I need someone to talk too
    My girl friend doesn’t go online
    and she’s not answering my messages
    its torture.. 2 weeks no communication and the funny thing is his friend tells me that he met Ami in a Party last night.
    she have a time to go there but no time for me. she promised that she will wait for me. i will follow her in Australia. i live in ph its a long distance relationship and its killing me now. she’s different that last time we talk
    i feel she don’t really have time for me. she’s not saying anything and i don’t know why she doing this. somethings wrong but she’s not saying anything.

    • Hello too bro.. 😀

      Sorry for the late reply.. 🙂

      OMG.. Well.. I can understand your feelings as a man.
      Yeah.. The best thing you should do is meet her and talk to her, it would slightly relieve your curiosity.
      For me, one week with no communication would make me uncomfortable.
      I know the problem you have now, because once I experienced it as well,
      but I will not tell you the results, whether it be good or bad for you. You have to deal with this problem…
      I can only say this: Gambate…

  43. We didn’t talk yet
    but i see her pregnant. she with some body new. she cheated on me

  44. kuya help naman san po ko pd maka dowload ng libre … ng sound driver ng samsung poloris 33…. give me naman po ng link tnxxxxxxx…

  45. Thanks
    sangat membantu saya

  46. thank you so mach dr

  47. do you have POLARIS-33 MOTHERBOARD DRIVER?

  48. diver sound for polaris MA30

  49. magic tation ma 30 sound diver

  50. ajib cool

  51. where i can find polaris-30 r1.06 motherboard driver
    thnx.. im hoping that you give me an information about it
    tnx a lot….

  52. matur nuwun sanget mas….

  53. Thanks

  54. great.. thanks uploader ….

  55. Hello. I have a polaris 30 mother board mp 1.1 and the problem is, the ethernet controller that supposed to be in the device manager is missing. Can you help me?

    • Hello too. Try to check “View — Show hidden devices” in Device Manager & click anywhere on the right side then click “Action — Scan for hardware changes”.
      If there is no response, restart Windows & check your BIOS setup (press F2). Then look for Ethernet/LAN option to enable it if disable (Save changes & exit BIOS), usually this option exist in “Integrated peripherals” section (I’ve forgotten where the location of that Ethernet/LAN option because i don’t have this mobo anymore). If you still had the same problem and you already re-installed (clean install) your OS, maybe it’s time to check your mobo to the nearest computer services shop or look for a cheap ethernet card. ^_^

  56. Hello. I have a polaris 30 mother board mp 1.1 and the problem is, the multimedia sound controller. what the exact audio driver for that pls help asap tnxs

  57. hello sir, i’m give this mobo non sata with agp card nvidia gforce 32mb, i have problem with screen, can’t enter to windows xp normaly only with low resolution 8 bit 400×350. what is not support!!

  58. SigmaTel STAC9752/53 @ Intel 82801EB ICH5 – AC’97 Audio Controller

  59. thanks a lot i have trouble with sound card

  60. good day my polaris .30 motherboard cannot detect usb….already tried reinstalling the usb 2.0 related link for usb but didnt work….hope you can help me..thanks in adavance…

  61. got problem w/ my polaris 30 samsung.i lost the internet connection after i reformat…plz.help!!!

  62. Thanks Brother for your support…..
    One again Thanks

  63. my samsung polaris-33 had a problem in multimedia audio controller. How can I get a driver for that?…thank you.. send me an email please.

  64. mv30 soun drivr not suport or my indos xp that is y?

  65. I used polaris 8 motherboard that seem working fine with pentium 4 2.8 and 3.0 and 3.2 , 4gb memory pc 3200 and agp quadro 256mb but hard to find info about this motherboard spec completly, please post an info if anyone know where to find all right drivers and manual….cos all driver that i use now come from a thousand try n error motherboard …hiks….

    many thanks

  66. i looking the power n reset switch … anybody can help me where is it ??? with picture …. samsung polaris-33

    ada yang bisa bantuin gak … punya adik nih … gak tau dimana swith powernya .. ama led ama reset : (: (

  67. excellent! been lookingfor this info for months now.. Polaris 30 pala. 🙂 thanks for posting!

  68. hi i just want to know if the polaris 30 supports hyper threading?

  69. sir i need land,video,sound driver polaris33 P01-7040120,i can’t find when i search.

  70. thank gan atas infonya ,.,…,

  71. Thank you Brother, its very help full to me and other :3 have a good health and life..

  72. Thank’s a lot Boss….

  73. PLEASE help.. i have OS 2002 in my polaris 30 but idk what sound device i need.. please help…

  74. thank you so much..you’re cool…

  75. i need plaris plz halp me giv e me link hm thanx all

  76. thank sr……………

  77. i really really like it, thank you so much… go chinboyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it really helps me a lot…

  78. thank you sir….samsung Pegasus-30 is the same thing

  79. terima kasih

  80. Bos,mobo aku polaris 30 pcb no 08 110047030 rev mp1.1.
    Saat star selalu ada pesan bad bios checksum.trs load dvd rom and flopydisk.jd ga bs masuk ke sistem ato bios.sudah di bawa ke servise tidak ada yg sanggup update biosnya krn tidak ada yg punya.sy mo minta update tan bios,kira 2 ada ga ya?thx

  81. thankyou bro smoga tambah pinter tambah banyak rejekinya

  82. thank you soo much…good work

  83. tnx very much i had install my sound driver finally..^_^

  84. yang untuk windows 7 ada ngga ?

  85. i am unable to get samsung polaris 30 audio driver with PCB No,08-110047030…. please help me

  86. for windows 7 there ?

  87. salamat!!!! mwaah! mwaah! tsup! tsup!

  88. thanks bro….. you r so helpful, god bless you.

  89. I will never forget you, gochinboy

  90. latest to buy the samsung here in the philipiines, thanks for the drivers, must really buy the new one instead…anyway it works using ubuntu linux, but is somewhat of a disappointment on win…this dumping must stop…are we fools to considred by these koreans?

  91. can anyone tell me about polaris – 33?? i need information about polaris – 33? thank you so much!!

  92. terima kasih

  93. alguien tiene la bios para esta board samsung polaris 33 pcb p01 7040120 rev mp1.2, la necesito para actualizarla por que no me reconoce los discos sata agradeceria al que los tenga y una explicacion de como actualizarla la board la verdad no se solo msi he actualizado gracias aqui dejo mi correo si alguien tiene esta bios wizard87@hotmail.com

  94. sir why my sound driver cannot install and many driver are missing
    this is the following missing

    * 3dp edition v9.12 (Sigmatel C-major Audio
    * Audio Codecs
    * Legacy Audio Driver
    * Legacy Video Captured Devices
    * Media Control Device
    * Microsoft Streaming Service Proxy
    * Video Codecs

  95. good noon im new here iwould like to ask for help i have polaris 33 motherboard and 768mb ddr ram 2.8gghrz procesor and 256 mb agp video card… it is compatible if i chance my current os to windows 7? my current os now is windows xp….

  96. my name is ameen i got samsung motherboard but drivers is very critical to get

  97. i am having issue with the back audio panel it wont work put when i use the front audio panel its working could any one help me…. audio driver is working properly……. its just i need to use a jumper but i dont know where to place it….

  98. Does this mobo supports DDR3 & DDR2 RAMS ?

  99. thank you for the driver

  100. Hello there! I have a samsung magic station MV40 desktop computer.
    the motherboard is Polaris-33. Thanks to you, I got the audio driver
    fixed using the vinyl_v700b.zip driver. I tried also the sigmatel driver
    but it will not install on WinXP.

  101. thanks bro! i had a problem running the exe for a few hours, your tip on using the device manager made it work, thanks and more power!

  102. thanks bro
    you’ve save my beautiful life from a devil….

  103. san po makakahanap ng Ethernet device sa Polaris 30 pbc 110047040 mp 1.2 ?

  104. tnks for the tips..

  105. thank…bro

  106. cn u hlp me plzz i wnt polaris-30-drivers for win7

  107. hello! i have samsung magic station mv40, the motherboard polaris 30. i reformat into windows xp3, but there is missing the multimedia audio controller? pls… help me

  108. hi again i need english version for samsung magic station mv40

  109. hellow
    audio drivers are working!but vga drivers are not working!why is that?please reply me

  110. I enjoy reading through your website. Thanks a lot!

  111. sir help nmn po.. wla po sound driver ang pc ko po… samsung polaris-33

  112. thank you,thank you


  114. nice site thanks bro

  115. thnks bro

  116. sir,i try 2 updat driver but it is vry dificult plase give me polaris 30 mp1.1 pbc 08-110047030.

  117. sir, I need magic station mp30 all drivers


  119. Can you help me. I do not know where to put the power button, reset button, hdd led, and power led on the front panel (polaris-32)

  120. audio driver not working…help me

  121. hello bro im from philippines i need a drivers for my samsung mobo polaris 33 could you help me find it?..

  122. samsung model polaris 30. and fw82801eb chipset. please give me mother bord sound and vga draivers

  123. how to my mothwebord bios update
    model:polaris-30 r1.06

  124. better unrar the set up file before installing.

  125. please help me to get SAMSUNG Desk-Top System magic station mv40 Polaris 30 r1.05 bios

  126. thanks you very much!! to you gochinboy, I’ved been searching for this driver yesterday, I found it, in korean language, and now I found your webside.. great works..

  127. sir i need a driver for my sound i install w7 to my polaris 30 my problem is only a sound. i need a driver pls help me. thanks

  128. how to my mothwebord bios update samsung polaris 30 r 1.06

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